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Something Random for all you Book Lovers

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 8, 2012, 12:17 PM
  • Listening to: American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch
  • Reading: Graceling (It's amazing!!!)
  • Watching: the cursor as it blinks on my screen
  • Playing: the dangerous game of L.I.F.E.
  • Eating: the inside of my mouth, jk! jk!
  • Drinking: nothing but really wanting some tea...
So, since I love reading books, I normally check out reviews to see if one would be up my alley or not, but most of the time, when I'm reading a review, the author has to put...SPOILERS!!!! *GASP!!!!!* So, I've come up with a solution for all of my friends and watchers and followers so that you can read a review without having to worry about twists and endings being given away.
I created a review blog called Wildcat in the Bag --->
Don't worry, I don't review classics (what would be the point of that, anyway) and I try to stay on top of trends that are rolling in the present. So far, I have Graceling, The Hunger Games, and The Warrior Heir all reviewed and ready to go on my blog and I'm still going! I hope I didn't just waste five minutes of your time, and thank you for all who actually read this thing :D
I hope my blog will be beneficial to all who are interested
Oh, and :iconsix-muses-short:, I was thinking about putting up a review for Crown Duel, too :la:

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I love the "la" emote!
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February 8, 2012